Warning I can be dark and twisted. There are some deep thoughts here and if you do not like it then stay away from my page.

Rebecca is Growing! *** Pic Heavy***


The last 4 months have flown by. I lost track of this blog entirley. Well I guess I better give the update.

Rebecca Michelle was born of July 6th and here is her story.....

November I got a positive pregnancy test. I called my OB right away scared beyond belief. She got me in at 6 weeks and began my blood thinners right away after we saw that we had a bit more then a gestational sac this time. Over the next 4 weeks we saw our little firecracker grow more and more with a heartbeat.

I was told to keep on the blood thinners till 2/3 weeks postpartum. We were monitored closely and had many growth checks and biweekly appointments. June 21st at 35 weeks we had a major scare. I went to L&D contracting, having hot flashes, and feeling down right crummy. We were in a room for 6 hrs while I received 2 bags of fluids and antibiotics. I was severely dehydrated and had an infection. We were able to clear it all up and keep me pregnant without risk to her. I went into my next appointment and the tour of the hospital with no issues. 

Friday June 28th (36 weeks) I woke up itching everywhere. It did not get any better over the weekend and by Sunday I had a feeling I knew what was going on because not only was I itchy every where but I had severe itching on my feet and hands. This is a sign of liver issues and I knew it was not good. I called my OB Monday morning and she put in orders for blood work. Tuesday morning she gave me a call back saying to come in a.s.a.p. I walked in the hospital expecting to walk out with the diagnosis I dreaded. She had me go do another set of blood work and a non stress test to see how Rebecca was doing. Finally Dr Hertz walked in the room and I could tell she was worried. She said my liver function was not doing well and my levels were double what they should of been on told of they even raised several points in the matter of 24 hrs. She told me to prep my self for induction and that Rebecca would be here by the 10th. 

The official diagnosis was Cholestasis of pregnancy. 
Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy (ICP) is a liver disorder which occurs during pregnancy. This condition affects the normal flow of bile. Bile acids are chemicals in the bile of the liver that help with digestion. With ICP the bile flow begins to slow down in tern the bile acids build up in the blood. This results in the woman itching that can vary in severity and type. The itching can be bothersome to severe itching and is often worse at night. There is rarely jaundice when suffering with ICP. Although ICP has been reported as early as a few weeks pregnant, it is more common for it to begin in the third trimester, when hormone concentrations are at their highest levels. The figure for the percentage of women for whom ICP will recur in future pregnancies is still somewhat debated, but some sources claim it to be as high as 90%. ICP is also referred to as pruritus gravidarum.

Symptoms of ICP can vary in severity and type, but the most common ones include:
• Itching all over, but often more severe on palms and soles. The itching can be recurrent or constant
 Many women find that it is worse at night and it disturbs their sleep.
• Dark Urine and/or Pale Stools (grayish in color)
• Preterm Labor
• Jaundice

So we kept up with my appointment for Friday July 5th to see what my levels would be then and reevaluate what we needed to do. I got to the hospital, went for my blood work and non stress test. The OB came in and she looked terrified. My numbers did not just go up but they TRIPLED since Tuesday. She said there was no way we were going home, we were inducing that night. I expected it because my itching did not improve even though I was taking the meds. 

We got over to L&D but needed to wait due to a couple other moms being in labor and being induced. This gave Kelcei, Jessica and mom time to arrive. We began the induction with the foley bulb, which is two balloons on either side of the cervix that forces the cervix to thin and dilate to around 4/5 cm. Around 6 am we pulled out the foley bulb, I was still not contracting regularly so we waited for the on call OB to come in and discuss where we wanted to go from there. Jessica began to not feel well so she went home, even though she left I knew we could still do it may way because I was still in control. We still wanted to avoid any labor drugs the best we could so we decided on breaking my water. She broke my water at about 7:30 am. Troy, mom and Kelcei went to go eat while I got situated because I knew they would not be too strong for a bit and I needed them functional. The contractions built quickly and by 8:30 I could not talk though them at all, I was doing good to breathe. Troy got my amazing labor nurse to bring me a labor ball so I could lean on it while being able to be on my knees. Troy sat in front of me talking to me and rubbing my upper back, arms and allowing me to squeeze his hands. Mom kept me cool with wet rags and rubbed more of my back. Kelcei stayed behind me adding pressure to my back and hips and rubbing my lower back. 

We moved the ball to the bed because Kelcei noticed the purple line that symbolizes I was getting closer to transition and we wanted to have Dr. Hertz check to see where we were. it was about 9:30/9:40 and I was 6 cm dilated, I think 80% effaced and she was at 0 station. I asked for a bit of IV meds to take the edge off. Kelcei kept trying to remind me not to give up and that I didnt need them. I yelled at her a lot and told her to get out of my face but I am thankful that she kept reminding me. She kept it in my mind that my contractions were not stronger then me because they were apart of me. 

The IV meds kept me calmed enough to remember to breathe though the contractions but not out of it at all. It was like taking a couple shots of whiskey. At 10:15/20 am I was feeling rectal pressure and the urge to push. They rushed in and Dr. Hertz stood by and let me control my pushing. I was able to push when I felt it and for how long I felt it. 10:48 am Rebecca Michelle made her appearance earth side with a head full of beautiful hair and screaming.

 She was able to stay on my chest for a good hour- hour and a half before we had her weighed and measured. We were able to begin nursing and she latched beautifully.

 For being so small that they are considering her almost premie size, she breathed well, blood sugar is staying up and we had to raise her temp a bit but it took no time at all to do it with skin to skin and nursing. She was wide awake and very vocal about what she wanted. When she was weighed she was 5lbs 6 oz and 19 inches long.

 She loves cuddling and being close to mommy and daddy. Big brother did not want much to do with her until she was a bit older and at home. Now he loves to play with her and tries to carry her everywhere.

We are blessed to have a beautiful completion of our family and everyone safe and sound. We have our miracle children and I feel complete. 

So that was her birth. I will begin the last 4 months in another post. :-)

28 week Ultrasound Photos

The third trimester

Finally in the third trimester, 32 weeks!! Its been a long haul but we have just June to go though before Rebecca arrives. We have her dresser ready and her clothes washed and put in it. I have most of the hospital bag packed and am working on Kyle's Big Bro Bag. Once everything is done I will post pics. Next Sunday is the shower that the DTS is putting on for us.

Troy had his surgery a couple weeks ago. He is still a bit sore on occasion and definitely can not have anything hit the spot. Otherwise he is doing great and says he hurts a lot less then he used to and the numbness is almost gone.

I am still very uncomfortable. I am getting anxious and am ready for her to be here. I am ready to be able to sleep a bit more comfortably at night. Honestly I got more sleep when Kyle was a newborn then I did while pregnant, so I hope that is the same this time.

Well that is my update for now, I know it is not much of one. Maybe I will have something more next week.

Things are going pretty good

Pregnancy is progressing beautifully. I have hired a doula. Rebecca kicks like a champ. Shots still hurt like hell. Sleep is pretty inexistent lol. Though I have my GD test on Wednesday and I doubt I will pass it. I have not been able to control my sugars lately. :-/ I guess we will see.

I have gone though all of Kyle's old clothes and taken a bunch to goodwill and then I have some I will sell that are in excellent shape and are name brand. Then I will go and buy Rebecca some. I have cleaned quite a bit out of our room and still have more to go before I can get a crib in plus a changing station. Kyle's closet needs revamped to hold both his and Becca's clothes. I also need to look for two tall dressers to replace Kyle's one long dresser so both kids have a place to stick things.

There are quite a bit of things I need to still do.

Troy is off work for 3 more weeks cause of his back. He goes on the 12th for an epidural steroid shot and then they reevaluate a week after that to see if he needs surgery to correct it.

It gives us a chance to get things done and organized so later on I dont have as much to do.

I also start a new school next fall. Which means I will be taking an infant with me so she can nurse while I learn to be a nurse. :-) I am so excited to finally see the end in sight with this nightmare of schooling.

Its that time...

To begin making lists and getting things bought! Lordy I did not realize how much we got rid of in the last 3 years and to top it off we have to get girl stuff.

Plus to top things off Troy meets with the back surgeon next monday. Come to find out his back in much worse then we thought and he has to have surgery asap. So he will be off of work for 3 months to a year. *head verses desk* Well one thing is he will get to see baby girl be born and with her for a while. Hopefully we can get it done asap so he can be recovered enough to not have issues when I am in labor, but thankfully I have an amazing team to help us during L&D. It is going to be a stressful 4 months.

Baby girl also has a name now... Rebecca Michelle! I am so glad to have  a name for her and now Kyle and I can connect better with her.

Things are going good but rough at the same time. Hopefully it will stay towards the good side.

Catch up...

Everything is going great. We have a lot to get done. I have had my birth plan approved by my ob. The doula is hired. Anatomy scan went great....

We are having a GIRL!!!

She weighs about 11 oz and is measuring a bit behind but only by a few days so they are not worried at all because I am still on track and no issues going on. Now I have to go though everything and sell Kyle's old clothes and begin buying for the newbie.

Ok so here is a photo for you.